Welcome - Acupuncture with Jamie Hedger

I studied acupuncture at 3 colleges, ICOM in Sussex, CTA in Leamington and LCTA in London. I have been teaching and treating with acupuncture for over 25 years. I have been running my own acupuncture training college since 2008.

I moved to Bath 10 years ago and live here with Stacey and our 2 children.

I think acupuncture is about an individual dynamic between patient and practitioner and I like to try and understand how I can help people at a core level.

I work with various approaches to acupuncture that I have learned down the years in order to help me to find what works best for each person.

Jamie’s acupuncture sessions have not only helped heal my shoulder injury but also helped me deal with the emotional traumas I have been going through. I cant recommend him highly enough. Gabby.

Tel 07568 928547